Credit risk

Keep risk under control and make the right decisions!

In an increasingly volatile and uncertain economic climate where decisions must be made quickly, it is more and more important to be informed and act on time.

Make decisions quickly and correctly at all times by:

analysis of the companies you want to partner with, monitoring of the clients list, portfolio analysis, market research and signals.


Analyze the companies you want to partner with

We give you unlimited access to the reports of the companies in your portfolio that contain updated data almost in real time and are obtained exclusively from official sources.


Monitor your customer list

We send you alerts by email and within the application if the data of the companies in your clients list have changed.


Analyze the customer portfolio

We give you an up-to-date picture of your portfolio at all times, with automatically generated risk labels.


Market research and signals

Through the reports we offer you, you will make decisions by understanding what the alarm signals are, but also the opportunities you will be able to take advantage of.

Be above the competition

Be efficient and put data to work for you. Monitor your partners' data directly in your system.


Put data to work for you

We offer you access to the data about Romanian legal persons that we collect and manage with care and offer it to you to be used in the applications you already use (eg: CRM, ERP).

For more than 10 years, our customers have trusted us

Choose to keep your business safe, through informed decisions!