Act on time and avoid risky situations in business partnerships

Be one step ahead of unforeseen situations. You receive free notifications and always have access to updated reports about your partners on any officially registered change in their financial or legal situation.

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Be informed about
the solvency of your partners!

The business world is constantly changing. Overnight, your partners may face a series of risk situations, which may cost you your business:

You get the information
when you need it

In a world where changes are happening faster and faster, you need information to reach you as quickly as possible. Through the AlertaCUI platform, you are periodically informed if there have been changes regarding your partners

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Unlimited access to updated data

Based on the subscription, you can generate as many reports as you want, for free. You can export data in Excel format at no additional cost.

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Alerts sent

Every time there are changes in the data about your partners, you will be informed by means of alerts sent by email and in the application.

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Clear picture of partners

You easily and efficiently organize the portfolio of clients, potential buyers, suppliers and/or partners.

You have access to
probably the best updated information obtained
exclusively from official sources

All data are taken from reliable sources, respectively from the official websites of public institutions, our process being transparent and subject to an audit at any time.

Insolvency Bulletin

Daily updates

Trade Register Status

Weekly updates

Financial information

Annual updates 


Daily updates

Official Monitor

Daily updates

RNPM (Collaterals)

Daily updates

Overdue debts to State


Fiscal Status

Every 3 days

CIP (Payment Incidents)

Upon request

Source of data:
the official websites of the Trade Register, Ministry of Finance, Fiscal Agency, Insolvency Bulletin, Ministry of Justice –, RNPM (formerly AEGRM – collaterals), Official Monitor,

AlertaCUI is a simple tool to use

We keep you informed about the risk situations that companies in your portfolio may go through, through monitoring, updating and organizing.

01. Access the platform

You choose the right subscription depending on the number of companies you want to monitor.

02. Enter the list of partners

The registration of companies in the portfolio is based on the CUI.

03. See the official information

We take information from official sources and show it to you within the platform.

04. We alert you regularly

We regularly update the portfolio and alert you by email if changes or risk situations occur.

Take decisions with more courage with us

AlertaCUI is the optimal solution to be aware of the situation of your partners. We offer you information from official sources, relevant to calculate your next steps.

How does AlertaCUI help you in your business?

AlertaCUI is the optimal solution to be aware of the situation of your partners. We offer you information from official sources, relevant to calculate your next steps.

Permanent evaluation of companies

We provide you with the information you need to make better decisions for your business.

We provide you with the information you need to make better decisions for your business.
Understanding and managing portfolio risk begins with the individual assessment of companies: legal status, financial analysis, payment behavior, collateral and court filings - litigations.

  • Information is collected automatically and displayed in a user-friendly manner;
  • We offer you updated, official, 100% legally obtained information;
  • Free access to reports about your partners.

Portfolio management

Get a complete picture of your portfolio of potential and current customers, suppliers or partners.

Managing the companies you work with can be a difficult, time- and resource-consuming task. We streamline this process by gathering in the same place the public and non-confidential information of the companies you collaborate with, in an efficient, constant and consolidated form.


You have access to the continuous monitoring of the partner portfolio

Unlike the periodic request for reports at specific moments in your company's activity, AlertaCUI offers you the following benefits:

  • It keeps you constantly informed, through notifications about relevant changes that take place in the financial situation of your partners.

  • It ensures that you are not caught by surprise, without being constantly on the alert, investing time and resources in manually, periodically or daily monitoring the creditworthiness of your collaborators.

  • It allows you to take safe steps in the development of your business, feeling completely safe to act and conclude partnerships that help the business to prosper.


In addition, you can request optional reports!

For much more detailed information, on specific topics, AlertaCUI offers you the opportunity to request special reports, from third-party sources, which are not made automatically, but prepared by a specialist in the field.


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