What is an API?

An increasingly widespread technology that allows different systems, programs or equipment to communicate with each other, simply and safely.

Why do you need APIs?

The APIs speak the same language, so it becomes very easy to bring in any kind of data from outside your business and combine it with your own data.

You save time and streamline any data integration process

You have control over the information you receive

You create your own reporting system, according to your needs

You have 24/7 access to the data

Eliminate errors in entering information into the system

The data are standardized, greatly simplifying their manipulation

Give free rein to creation – you can create new services, products on an increasingly competitive market

Why choose APIs?

  • The data is updated and relevant
  • Information is taken exclusively from public data sources, thus ensuring you a sustainable integration
  • The system is safe, audited and validated by some of the strongest companies in Romania
  • The APIs are flexible, you can make different selections to get to the information you are interested in faster
  • We are open to customizing our existing APIs to meet your exact needs
  • We collaborate with partners who can do the implementation for you if you don’t have specialists or an IT department

Our customers:

Commercial bank

evaluation of potential customers and their internal monitoring

Distribution company

integration in CRM and ERP and internal reporting

B2B online sales platform

new customer registration

Business community

company reports integrated within the platform

Types of API

We offer you two categories of APIs that can be used independently or connected.

I. Monitoring API
Allows you to monitor your partners' data directly from your system:
  • to add, delete companies
  • to check any company in your portfolio
  • to get reports with companies that have undergone changes (alerts) and see exactly what changes there are, whenever you want
  • to update the data of monitored partners in your own system free of charge.
This is a subscription based service that is paid monthly.
II. Company data API
Allows you to access the data of any company in Romania using only its tax code. You will be able to obtain data about:

Official Monitor

Contains the data published on Romanian companies in the Official Monitor part IV.

This is a service that is paid by how many requests are made.

General company data & history

contains a collection of information published by several institutions (ANAF, ONRC, Ministry of Finance) about companies in Romania. This API contains both data on the current state of a company and its history (historical alerts):

  • company identification data;

  • contact details (telephone, fax – as published on the Mfinante website);

  • financial data - balance sheets starting from 2014;
  • outstanding debts to the state budgets - ANAF status.

Ccontains the litigations of all Romanian companies, taken from the portal:

  • a list with the number of all files (including disjointed and under appeal);
  • statistics of the main disputes according to their degree of risk and year;
  • detailed information about a specific file;
  • data on the number of master files and available filter criteria;
  • list of main files registered on a certain company.

Insolvency Procedures Bulletin (BPI)

Contains information about companies that are or were in insolvency proceedings, data published in the "Insolvency Procedures Bulletin" administered by the Trade Register:


  • identification data of the debtor;
  • insolvency files opened in the name of the company;
  • data of insolvency practitioner;
  • complete history with all procedural documents that were published in BPI for that CUI.


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